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Cooperation The Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment has wide experience in cooperation with academic and research institutions, business enterprises and other organizations. Thanks to over 35 years of experience in design, testing and production of medical equipment, the Institute employs highly qualified research staff grouped in teams of specialists supported by modern technical and laboratory infrastructure.

As an active R & D centre with a flexible research opportunity, the Institute welcomes all interested partners to cooperation in various fields.
Leading common R&D projects
Nowadays, commercial success of an enterprise depends on the ability of regular introduction of innovation to the products offered on the market. The sort of products under development, competitiveness and reduction of production costs without worsening product quality or its safety are also important factors in success achieving. The Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment has experience in leading common projects with industry, especially with medical equipment producers. We offer cooperation on all stages of the research process, during development of a new prototype and final product as well as in modernization of current product range. We are open for common ventures that should be mutually beneficial and aimed at scientific or commercial success.
Applying for funds on investments and R&D projects
The number of completed and on-going projects confirms our experience in coordination research & development projects as well as in successful implementation of their results. It makes us a decided partner in winning the UE funds for research and investments. In many cases those funds are accessible only for joint ventures between a public research institution and private enterprises, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) encouraged by the EU policy. The Institute has experience in preparing applications for financial assistance and required supporting documents to apply for the funds from various sources of financing: national budgets and other accessible sources providing financial aid. Moreover, we can help in business plans preparation and managing the project documentation.
Scientists and engineers from ITAM developed many practical solutions based on recent technologies. Domestic and international awards granted can illustrate their innovative nature. Every single product coming from the Institute opens a new market opportunity and may be a chance for success to the company interested in commercial production. As the author and originator of many interesting solutions we are ready to provide assistance during implementation into production and future improvement of the product.
Distribution of ITAM's products
The Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment is known not only as an author of the innovative solutions but also as a recognized producer of competitive and reliable medical equipment. The Institute's products may become an important element in the offer of any medical equipment supplier. The Institute's employees may support the distributor on every stage of the sale process; from presentation through projecting installation and maintenance, right up to warranty and post-warranty service. This can be followed by agreed kind of further liaison or cooperation including common advancing of selected research and common projects.

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