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The Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment has over 35 years of experience. The beginnings of the Institute as a Research & Development Centre dates on 1969, when former Silesian Centre of Medical Technology (ŚOTM) was established in Zabrze. The Centre was an experimental production unit dealing with design, development and small scale production of medical equipment. In 1977, the Centre was split into two separate units: Research & Development Centre of Electronic Medical Equipment OBREAM and Factory of Medical Electronic Equipment TEMED. As a result of significant improvement and extension of its activity, in 1995 it was transformed into the Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment ITAM. The Institute is now the only R&D centre with implementation expertise in Poland acting in the field of medical technology.

At present, ITAM's developments support diagnostics and therapy in cardiology, focusing on cardiological and physical rehabilitation and assist obstetricians in fetal monitoring and care for mother and newborn baby. Most of these projects place the Institute among the leaders in Poland that can be confirmed by a number of domestic and international awards and distinctions.
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