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The level and quality of health protection are directly connected with the use of advanced technology in diagnostics, therapy and medical rehabilitation. Science, technology and health protection stimulate each other creating an integrated system in common development. A significant element of such a system in Poland is the Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment ITAM, a leading domestic research and development institution operating in the field of medical technology. Large group of researchers and engineers from the Institute developed a significant amount of original and innovative solutions introduced into industrial production and successfully used in health care institutions.

Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment ITAM The mission of the Institute is:

  • developing modern equipment for diagnostics, therapy and medical rehabilitation,
  • cooperation with other scientific institutions and organizations in the field of technology and medicine, to undertake common research and promote own scientific staff development,
  • cooperation with industry as a partner generating new ideas, technical solutions (licences) and providing professional services,
  • participating in activities for economy development and population health.

ITAM is also the coordinator of scientific consortium named Polish Centre of Advanced Technologies for Health Protection and Promotion - POLTEM, grouping  29 partners from the science and industry associated with medical technologies.

The Centre of Excellence for Cardiostimulation Technology Development STIMCARD is located at the Institute as well.

ITAM actively seeks new partners to initiate cooperation. Our experience, numerous achievements related to successful products, industrial and clinical implementation and knowledge regarding CE mark requirements offer a real opportunity for profitable cooperation.

Certificate Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment applies the system of quality management complied with EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485. Our products meet the requirements of European Directive MDD 93/42/ECC concerning the safety of medical devices and bear the CE mark.

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