ITAM Zabrze Developments

Image MONAKO system allows non-invasive fetal monitoring based on computer analysis of cardiotocographics signals: fetal heart rate, uterine contractions and fetal movement activity. The system enables monitoring of many patients and supports the work of medical staff on obstetric and pregnancy pathology departments. The most important element of this system is its software which manages the data acquired form bedside cardiotocographs, including dynamical CTG traces presentation on the monitor screen, current analysis of records and detection of emergency situations.
Image KOMPOREL system enables fetal monitoring during pregnancy and birth, basing merely on the bioelectric signals taken from abdominal walls of the mother. Developed in the Institute sophisticated algorithms of bioelectric signal processing and very sensitive measurement system characterized by ultra-low noise level make it possible to obtain a legible record of electrical activity of fetal heart and contraction activity of uterus muscle.
Image CARDIV system is a multifunctional, digital diagnostic equipment intended for examination of the electrical heart activity during stress and rest test. The system makes it possible to carry out the stress tests according to standard protocols of examination or customize the protocols by the user to cooperate with selected devices for stress loading: treadmill or bicycle ergometer.
Image PELETON system enables implementation of multi-station cardiac rehabilitation under supervision of the system operator. The system consists of a main control panel and 8 training stations (treadmills or bicycle ergometers). The PELETON system guarantees independence of training on individual stations.
MIP-801 External Pacemaker
Image MIP-810 is a modern, lightweight pacemaker, easy to operate, designed for temporary stimulation of heart ventricles or atria by means of an electrode introduced transvenously. It may be applied as preventive means for patients with bradycardia or ventricular during operations and termination of some supraventricular tachycardias. MIP-801 performs the following pacing functions: VVI, VOO, AAI, AOO, as well as fast pacing (after the stimulation of atria has been declared). During implantations of permanent pacemaker, the device enables caring out basic measurements of such parameters as: impedance of electrodes, amplitude of R or P wave and the stimulation threshold for different width of the impulse.

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